- Provide consultation of industry 4.0.
- Provide consultation of preparation to industry 4.0.
- Research and development of robotics and automated system.
- Provide consultation of learning and planning for every
   department of engineering in automation system project.
- Provide consultation of automated system in building.
- Provide consultation of Green freight technology.
- Provide consultation of installed automated system in                  
   manufacturing industry and logistics. 
- Provide consultation of learning and data analyzed for
   planning and design automated system which involved with
   economic growth.

- Manufacturing, distribution, control installation and testing of
   automated system.
- Automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) distribution.
- Automated system in health care distribution.
- Automated system in building distribution.
- Automated system in production line distribution.
- Automated machine and robot distribution (ex. Stacker crane,
   AGV, Palletizer robot).
- Automated system inspection.
- Preventive maintenance.

VRAT Co., Ltd. combines expertise in logistics management and automation system with additional services to developed, optimized and efficient the processes. The benefits which comprehensive our services represented below:
 - Complete solution for automation system.
 - Develop innovative business concepts.
 - Consultation of logistics and automated system.
 - Consultation of increasing productivity.
 - Outright and high quality after service.
 - Comprehensive automation and logistics specialists who expertise
    in industrial automation.
 - Overall costing for entrepreneur remians low in long term.


       VRAT Co., Ltd.                                    Office : 75, Panya-intra Road,        Bangchan, Klongsamwa,                Bangkok 10510


Email: support@vrat.co.th
Phone: (+66) 02-175-2986-7
Fax: (+66) 02-175-3499
Mon - Sat 8 AM to 5 PM (GMT+7)

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